With highest quality and at the lowest price we can design and build for you a professional climbing wall or deliver only parts: panels, holds and climbing volumes.

Climbing holds


Our climbing holds and training boards are only made of the best quality materials. Even after many years of heavy usage they remain unchanged. Our holds received one of the best ratings among many other manufacturers in Europe according to the German magazine Rotpunkt.

Art Rocher climbing holds and hold panels are made of high quality materials therefore they retain an unchanged structure even after many years of intensive use. Our climbing holds received one of the best ratings among manufacturers in Europe. They are tested around the world. Because of rough, non-skid surface they are safe for adults as well as for children. It also gives them good friction and grip and they do not cause excessive skin destruction. Magnesia doesn’t clog them up either. As an additional asset, the holds are highly weather resistant (snow, frost and rain). We use only organic dyes resistant to UV rays so they don’t change the color.

Everyone can find products suitable for their needs in our offer: smallest spax, holds for children, holds sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and GIGA.

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