About us

Art Rocher has 24 years of experience offering comprehensive service in the scope of implementation of climbing walls – from visualization and design to production, shipping and installation. Art Rocher products have been manufactured under the highest standards of quality and workmanship.

Company History

The company was founded in 1989 in France, and from 1993 it also operates in Poland. We are one of the longest operating wall climbing manufacturers on the European market and the first one in Poland. For over twenty years we design, produce and assemble climbing walls, holds and volumes. People in our crew are involved in rock climbing which has always been their passion and way of life. Structures built by us are created based on well thought-out strategy so they can achieve the beginner climber’s satisfaction as well as meet the experienced climber’s expectations.

Over the years we have been cooperating with the best wall climbing manufacturers in Europe. With French manufacturers we have built several dozen objects in France, Germany and Japan.

Why you should choose us

Cooperation and trade relationships with international partners provide us with sustainable access to the best and newest technological solutions which are used in production of our walls, holds and climbing volumes. We constantly enrich our offer thanks to a consistent policy focused on future development. Our products are exported to Germany, Belgium, Austria, France, Japan and United States. We are also planning to expand our international collaboration to other countries.

Art Rocher many times co-organized and sponsored climbing Championships in Poland, Austria, Germany and France. Our climbing holds received one of the best ratings among 19 manufacturers in Europe according to the German magazine Rotpunkt.

Satisfied customers are essential to our success.

Millions of people climbed on our walls all around the world. You can join them!